Resolving Family Disputes Respectfully

Amalia Schon

Contact Information

BUSINESS NAME:    Connect Family Law
ADDRESS: 533-224 West Esplanade
North Vancouver, BC V7M 1A4
PHONE: (778) 945-3023

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Amalia’s passion for helping people is what drew her to family law. Through her practice, she empowers her clients to regain control of their lives – and their futures.

Compassionate, caring and practical, Amalia’s goal is to resolve disputes efficiently, cost-effectively and with minimal conflict. She approaches each situation with creativity and forethought, ensuring that her clients understand their options and are able to make informed decisions.

In Amalia’s experience, most family law matters are best resolved out of court. After observing the inefficiencies, uncertainty and frequent hostility involved in family law litigation, she was motivated to become qualified as both a mediator and a Collaborative law lawyer. Instead of the traditional win-lose approach to resolving legal problems, Amalia prefers to work cooperatively to preserve relationships. Wherever possible, she supports her clients in accessing alternative dispute resolution processes such as negotiation, mediation or Collaborative law, and is often able to achieve settlements for her clients without resorting to litigation.

Amalia advises her clients on the full range of family law issues, including parenting (e.g. guardianship, parenting time and custody); property and debt division; child and spousal support; divorce; and marriage, cohabitation and separation agreements.