Resolving Family Disputes Respectfully

Chantal M. Cattermole, Partner, Certified Family Law Mediator

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BUSINESS NAME:    Clark Wilson
ADDRESS: 900-885 West Georgia Street Vancouver, BC
V6C 3H1
PHONE: 604-687-5700

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Divorce, separation and family disputes are life-changing events, but the damage they leave behind can be minimized. This represents the core approach of Chantal’s work as she assists people through these challenges in a positive and productive manner.

Chantal understands the visceral nature of family conflicts and manages to simplify these complex issues into sensible solutions while building relationships or keeping them intact. She is experienced in multi-generational estates planning to protect and preserve family wealth, knowing this requires long-term vision and communication. Her pleasant demeanor guides clients through cost-effective resolutions outside the courtroom, including collaborative law, pre-nuptial agreements, cohabitation agreements, mediation and negotiation.

Additionally, she calls on her connections to provide clients with pertinent resources, such as a financial advisor or real estate agent, counsellor or parenting coach or child specialist. This experience and network allows Chantal to help people feel supported and educated in making life and legal decisions.