Resolving Family Disputes Respectfully

Janko Predovic, Collaborative Lawyer

Contact Information

BUSINESS NAME:    Predovic Law Corporation
ADDRESS: Vancouver, BC
PHONE: (604) 241-0878
FAX: (604) 608-9368
WEBSITE: You're on it!

Areas of Practice



I address family disputes in the Collaborative Divorce model, and I can do it with ** FLAT RATE ** fee arrangements if clients prefer certainty about their legal costs.

I work very closely with Divorce Coaches, Child Specialists, Financial Specialists, and other professionals ready to help in targeted, cost-effective ways. This means you get the right help from the right people at the right time.

Getting through a difficult stage in life does not have to be inordinately stressful or expensive. Let me tell you about the options and support systems that are out there. Let me show you that family disputes can be resolved out of court, with dignity & respect, and without breaking the bank.

I work primarily in Vancouver in Broadway corridor, but I can work with any Collaborative Lawyer, or client, just about anywhere.