Resolving Family Disputes Respectfully

Yuval Berger

Contact Information

BUSINESS NAME:    Hindsight Counselling
ADDRESS: 224-1628 W 1 st Ave.
Vancouver BC
V6J 1G1
PHONE: 604-779-8554

Areas of Practice

Child Specialist
Divorce Coach


Yuval brings with him 25 years of clinical experience as a relationship and child therapist with special expertise in supporting couples through the dissolution of their intimate relations. Over the years he has practiced as divorce coach, child specialist, family therapist, and a trainer.

He brings to his work a blend of compassionate directness, so that his clients feel both supported and challenged to move forward. There is a delicate balance between being present with pain and getting lost in it. He sees his role as directing his clients through this extremely difficult transition by providing psychological support and a framework for allowing collaboration and connection, instead of hostility and rage. He works towards crafting, with them, a new co-parenting relationship, where their love for their children is stronger than their hatred towards each other.

In addition to his work as a divorce coach and child specialist, Yuval is an experienced relationship counselor who provides services for couples and families through their life span. In his private practice Yuval specialized in helping couples enhance and fine-tune their committed relationship.