Resolving Family Disputes Respectfully

How Is Collaborative Divorce Different from Court-Based Divorce?

Collaborative Divorce can be a breath of fresh air compared to court-based, adversarial divorce. Here are some ways Collaborative Divorce is different.


  • No court, and no threat of court
  • No argumentative, accusatory or threatening letters between lawyers
  • Lawyers work to contain (not inflame) conflict
  • Uses effective problem-solving to resolve issues
  • Provides emotional support along with legal guidance
  • Your family's needs direct the process, not court requirements
  • More private (court documents are public, your Collaborative separation agreement is not)


  • Timely sharing of financial information - no formal measures to force disclosure
  • Helps you understand your current financial situation
  • Guides you to choose the best financial options for a strong future
  • Reduces legal costs and preserves your assets

Psychological and emotional:

  • Minimizes conflict and stress
  • Creates a cooperative environment where everyone's needs are heard
  • Negotiation process is flexible, to suit the needs of each unique couple and family
  • Emphasizes the well-being of children
  • Gives you more control in both process and outcome
  • Paves the way for respectful relationships after separation
  • Gives you hope and prepares you and your family for new lives