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Jennifer E. Woodruff


Lawyer and Mediator

Contact Information:

BUSINESS NAME: Jennifer E. Woodruff Law Corporation

ADDRESS: Suite 300-1275 West 6th Avenue Vancouver, BC V6H 1A6




I am a Collaborative Family Law Lawyer and an accredited Family Law Mediator. I've been practicing family law since being called to the bar in 2008. I've designed my practice to focus exclusively on the out-of-court settlement of family matters. I am nearing the end of a six-year term on the CDV's Board of Directors, including a two-year term as Co-Chair. 

I believe that the Collaborative process results in the healthiest outcomes for families, as the parties are empowered to negotiate openly and work together to create a durable Agreement that is in the best interests of both parties and their children. 

Please feel free to contact me at, providing me with some background information and your former spouse's name, so that I may do a conflict check before speaking with you. Then we can schedule a brief phone consultation, at no cost to you, and if it seems like I would be a good fit for you, we can schedule a meeting so that we may have a more in-depth conversation via video conference, in-person or by phone.

Jennifer E. Woodruff
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