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Sandy Sihota



BUSINESS NAME: SiLaw Group Family Lawyers
BUSINESS ADDRESS: #201 15292 Croydon Drive, Surrey, BC, V3Z 0Z5
PHONE NUMBER: 778-381-9977




Sandy Sihota runs her exclusively family law firm based in South Surrey, BC. As a certified family law mediator and lawyer, she delivers expert counsel to a broad spectrum of clients. These range from couples intending to establish preventative frameworks through cohabitation agreements to long-term couples seeking a separation of obligations, liabilities, and assets.

Sandy runs a child-centred focus firm. Serving as a Children's Lawyer with the Society of Youth and Adult, Sandy routinely advocates for the rights and welfare of children, ensuring their voices are given due respect and consideration in the courtroom.

Drawing on a decade's worth of litigation experience, Sandy has developed a deep-seated appreciation for, and staunch belief in, the collaborative approach to resolving family disputes. She considers this method the epitome of efficiency, the most compassionate, and the most cost-effective strategy when navigating the sensitive terrain of familial matters.

Extending her contribution beyond her immediate practice, Sandy shapes the future of the legal profession as a PLTC Training Instructor with the Law Society of BC. She engages actively within her community, representing Legal Aid clients and offering her skills as a mediator and legal advocate to Access Pro Bono BC.

Sandy's linguistic proficiency extends to both English and Punjabi, reflecting her cultural diversity. Born and brought up in Abbotsford, BC, Sandy possesses a nuanced understanding of the complexities and subtleties inherent in navigating a multicultural household and community. This understanding is a key aspect of her professional approach, ensuring she can empathize and connect with a wide range of clients.

Sandy Sihota
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