Resolving Family Disputes Respectfully

Divorce Coach

Why do you need a Divorce Coach on your Collaborative Divorce Team?

When a relationship ends, emotions run high. If you don't have emotional support, the strain of separation can feel overwhelming. Conflict with your spouse is not only painful, it can also slow negotiations and make your legal costs soar.

Conflict also hurts children. Research confirms that it is the emotional distress, and not divorce itself, that damages children. If you have children, Divorce Coaches can help you protect them from this risk.

Lawyers are not trained to give you emotional support, to help you resolve conflict or to give you advice about parenting. This is why most Collaborative Divorce Vancouver Society lawyers recommend including Divorce Coaches on the Collaborative Team.

While many couples enter the Collaborative Divorce process by contacting a Family Lawyer, you can also begin by contacting a Divorce Coach. If you feel overwhelmed, a Divorce Coach can help you create a plan for how to move forward in the separation process.

Divorce Coaches are with you every step of the way. They help you communicate your needs, move through tough emotions and create a positive and sustainable plan for your family's future.

What is a Divorce Coach and how do they help you separate and divorce?

All Divorce Coaches are certified mental health professionals with special training in Collaborative Divorce. They understand family dynamics and know how to support you through the emotional roller coaster of separation.

Typically, you and your spouse or partner will each have your own Divorce Coach. They will be your guides and counsellors through the whole separation process until you reach an agreement.

"I've had clients come through Collaborative Divorce Coaching and tell me 'I didn't ask for this divorce, but I'm a better person than I was before.' They feel grateful because the process has moved them along their personal path. They haven't just survived divorce, they've healed."
- Sony Baron, MA, RCC, Baron Counselling

Divorce Coaches create a safe, trust-based environment in which they help you:

  • Explore your emotions
  • Learn skills to shift communication from hurtful to constructive
  • Gain tools and resources to co-parent effectively
  • Set up a co-parenting plan that puts your kids first (see below)
  • Learn what your children need at different stages of their development
  • Create a workable plan for your family's future

How do Divorce Coaches support parents and children?

If you and your partner or spouse share children, a primary goal for your Divorce Coaches is to help you draft a co-parenting plan that will work for your whole family after divorce.

This priority is affirmed by British Columbia's new Family Law Act, which says that the ideal for separating parents is to "create parenting arrangements ... in the best interests of the child."

If you're struggling to know what's best for your children, your Divorce Coach can bring a Child Specialist onto your Collaborative Team. The Child Specialist meets with your children to assess their needs and give them a voice. Then they share the children's needs with you and your team so you can create a co-parenting plan that truly is in your children's best interests.

What kind of agreement do you make with your Divorce Coach?

When you enter the Collaborative Process, you are asked to sign a Participation Agreement with your Divorce Coach. By signing, you agree:

  • To commit to the Collaborative process
  • To stay out of court
  • If you ever do go to court, you won't use any disclosed information against each other and your Divorce Coach cannot be subpoenaed
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