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CDV Mentorship Program Application

CDV invites experienced collaborative practitioners and those new to the practice to join the One Year CDV Mentorship Program as either a Mentor or a Mentee. The program is open to anyone, although priority is given to Mentees who have recently received their training and those who have yet to have many collaborative files.

The program aims to match mentors willing to share their experiences in building their collaborative practice with those just getting started. Mentors help Mentees build important networks within the collaborative community and serve as valuable advisors on building Collaborative Practices and best practices in the collaborative process. We encourage Mentors to share their experiences with the collaborative practitioners of tomorrow.

Lawyer Mentors, please note that your time working as a Mentor may qualify for CPD credits! Please visit the LSBC's website at professional-development/mentoring for more information.

The CDV Mentorship Committee will endeavour to match each Mentee with a Mentor in their field. Once matched, Mentees will contact their Mentors to arrange to meet.

We will do our best to match Mentees with Mentors with similar levels of expectation, but no guarantees can be made. It is up to the Mentors and Mentees to discuss and agree on their goals for the program. Please see the Agreement for the specific terms of the program.

If you are interested in joining this program as a Mentor or Mentee, please complete the application here.

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