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Welcome to Our Family in Two Homes!

Maybe you're here feeling exhausted. Like you've climbed a mountain. But you've finally reached a decision point. Separation. regardless of how and when you got here, there is a good chance emotions are running high for both you and your former partner. 

Our Family in Two Homes' guiding principle is "Never cut what can be untied." Think of your relationship as a rope. In a rope, a good knot can strengthen the connection, build trust and support a lot of weight. But, when trust and connection are challenged, separating couples face a challenging decision: "Do I cut and run, or do the work of untangling this painful know?" Congratulations on making the decision to "untie" rather than "cut".

Through a combination of self-reflection and practical legal information, this workbook will help you prepare to make decisions that will help your family make a healthy transition to two homes. Use this workbook as your personal journal. Throughout this process, you may be asked to share what you learned about yourself, but you will never be asked to hand in your workbook. This isn't a test, and you're not being marked. Your lawyer, divorce coach or financial neutral wants you to be empowered and supported to make the best decisions for your future. 

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