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Couples Therapy

When a relationship ends, emotions run high. If you don't have emotional support, the strain of separation can feel overwhelming. Conflict with your spouse is not only painful; it can also slow negotiations and make your legal costs soar. 


Conflict also hurts children. Research confirms that it is the emotional distress, and not divorce itself, that damages children. If you have children, Divorce Coaches can help you protect them from this risk.

While lawyers act as your advocate and can advise you on family law, they are not specifically trained to provide emotional support or give you parenting advice. Therefore, a Divorce Coach is an essential piece of the Collaborative Process. 

While many couples enter the Collaborative Process by contacting a Family Lawyer, you can also begin your process by contacting a Divorce Coach. If you feel overwhelmed, a Divorce Coach can help you create a plan to move forward in your separation process.

Divorce Coaches are with you every step of the way. They help you communicate your needs, move through challenging emotions and create a positive and sustainable plan for your family's future.

Divorce Coach

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