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Divorce Coach

When a relationship ends, emotions run high. If you don't have emotional support, the strain of separation can feel overwhelming. Conflict with your spouse is painful and can slow negotiations and make your legal costs soar. 


Conflict also hurts children. Research confirms that it is the emotional distress, and not divorce itself, that damages children. If you have children, Divorce Coaches can help you protect them from this risk.

What is a Divorce Coach?

A certified divorce coach is a professional who guides and supports individuals through the divorce process. They are typically trained in fields such as psychology, counselling, or social work and have additional specialized training in the complexities of divorce.

Divorce Coaches can vary widely depending on the needs of the client, but some common responsibilities include:

  1. Emotional Support: Divorce coaches help manage the emotional stress of divorce, providing a safe space for their clients to express feelings and fears.

  2. Navigating the Process: Divorce coaches can help individuals understand and navigate divorce's legal and logistical aspects, though they do not provide legal advice.

  3. Communication: They may provide effective communication strategies with a soon-to-be ex-spouse, particularly when discussions become heated or contentious.

  4. Co-Parenting Guidance: For divorcing couples with children, divorce coaches can offer advice on handling co-parenting issues and work towards creating a stable post-divorce environment for the children.

  5. Goal Setting: Divorce coaches can assist in setting realistic expectations and goals for life during and after the divorce, including financial planning and future relationship considerations.

  6. Resource Referral: They can direct individuals to necessary resources, such as attorneys, mediators, financial advisors, or therapists, as needed.

How Can a Divorce Coach Help?

With the addition of a divorce coach on your side, you can navigate your emotions without waiting for a therapy appointment or relying on your friends and develop an agreement and plan that reflects your individual goals and desired outcomes. Everyone’s opinions aside, you can see and think clearly about what is in front of you and your long-term goals for life after divorce.

Divorce coaching allows a flexible goal-oriented design, where clients are supported, guided and motivated to make the best possible decisions for their future based on their personal needs, interests and concerns.


What Does Working with a Divorce Coach Look Like?

When working with a divorce coach, many clients discover a newfound voice, gain clarity about their priorities, and connect with someone who understands their situation without burdening a family member or friend. Clients often report enhanced personal confidence to tackle challenges and the courage to step out of their comfort zone. This newfound clarity and confidence aid in navigating the transition to their "new normal" as they make thoughtful decisions.

While many couples initiate the Collaborative Process by contacting a Family Lawyer, it's possible to commence the process by contacting a Divorce Coach. If you're feeling overwhelmed, a Divorce Coach can assist you in devising a plan to move forward in your separation process. 

Divorce Coaches accompany you every step, articulating your needs, guiding you through challenging emotions, and crafting a positive and sustainable plan for your family's future.

Divorce Coaches:

  • Licensed mental health practitioners and therapists

  • Can be specialists in family therapy, psychology, counseling, social work, etc.

  • Assist in resolving emotional issues and facilitating communication

  • Use conflict resolution skills

  • Advice on parenting arrangements serving the needs of the children

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