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Collaborative Divorce Vancouver Society Welcomes New Members! 

Collaborative Divorce Vancouver Society's strong, cohesive group of Collaborative Professionals is transforming how families experience divorce and conflict resolution throughout Greater Vancouver.

We provide professional development and support for our members through networking, training and events. We also take every opportunity to raise the public profile of Collaborative Practice, both to educate non-collaborative professionals and to inform couples about this kinder, less adversarial option for separation and divorce. 

Membership in CDV is for lawyers, financial advisors and mental health professionals who want to advance their Collaborative practice. Collaboratively trained lawyers who wish to practice Collaborative Divorce in Vancouver must be members of CDV.

What are the benefits of joining the Collaborative Divorce Vancouver Society?

  • Increase your online visibility with a profile on the CDV website

  • Expand your Collaborative skills with nationally recognized training programs 

  • Team up with a dynamic, experienced group of Collaborative Professionals

  • Meet like-minded colleagues, expand referral networks and generate more business at ongoing events (such as monthly dinner meetings)

  • Generate ideas and new approaches with other professionals in your field 

  • Keep up to date on Collaborative news and best practices

  • Learn how to attract more clients 

  • Work more effectively, with less burnout, with support from Collaborative colleagues

  • Attend the annual IACP Forum for networking and education

What are the membership levels and requirements for Collaborative Divorce Vancouver Society?

To become a member of CDV, you must be a licensed legal, mental health or financial professional in good standing in the administrative body that governs or regulates your profession.

Collaborative Divorce Vancouver Society offers three levels of membership: 

  • General Membership—For people who support the Collaborative Process but are not yet practicing. For example, those still in training or getting credentials or certifications, such as Financial Planners who don't yet have the certification to practice Collaborative Divorce but are referring their clients to other Collaborative Professionals. General members cannot vote or sit on the board.

  • Participating membership—For trained and credentialed professionals who have met the requirements for practicing Collaborative Divorce. They can become voting members and can join the board.

  • Honourary membership—For professionals in the community who have contributed significantly to the Collaborative Process and are appointed as members by the board. They cannot vote or sit on the board.

How to apply for membership in Collaborative Divorce Vancouver Society

We welcome your inquiries about Collaborative Practice and Collaborative Divorce Vancouver Society membership.

2023/2024 ONLINE Membership Application Forms

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