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Family Lawyer

A Collaborative Family Lawyer is a perfect combination of the advocate and guide that you need to lead you through your separation process: 

Collaborative Family Lawyers give you expert legal advice, just as traditional adversarial lawyers do. Collaborative Family Lawyers also have special training in mediation, negotiation and Collaborative Law to guide you through the Collaborative Process.

The conventional divorce process schedules meetings according to the court process, even if you never go to court. In the Collaborative Process, the threat of going to court has been removed.

With Collaborative Divorce, you are in control. On your schedule, you work together to figure out the best possible plan for your future. 


Instead of responding in a reactionary manner to ultimatums from your partner and their lawyer, an expensive method that increases conflict, your Collaborative Family Lawyer works with you, your partner and your partner's lawyer, helping to find solutions that work for both of you.

Collaborative Family Lawyers are your advocate and guide to empower you and your partner to take charge of your future as equal participants.

Your Collaborative Family Lawyers help you and your partner move from conflict into collaboration. 

The Lawyers:

  • Trained in mediation and collaborative family law, typically through the Continuing Legal Education Society of British Columbia

  • Training in Collaborative Law develops collaborative skills, not adversarial tactics

  • The lawyers’ role in the collaborative process is to facilitate negotiations, representing their respective clients in a non-adversarial manner

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