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Financial Advisor

Financial Specialist

How a financial specialist improves your separation process:

A Financial Specialist helps you divide your family's wealth to protect the long-term financial security of you and your family.


It is essential that you understand your current financial situation to make the most thoughtful decisions for your future. A Financial Specialist will assist you to: 

  • get an accurate picture of your current financial situation, and:

  • choose the best financial options for your future. 

The traditional adversarial approach to separation and divorce divides your family's wealth according to a formula leaving you with minimal control over the outcome and no understanding of how your family's financial division will impact you. It is no wonder people end up paying their lawyers more and more to feel like they have some control over their separation process. Ultimately, a financial division rarely varies with the money spent on legal fees. On the flip side, the amount of conflict, stress, and worry related to your separation tends to increase as your legal costs increase. 

Traditional separation does not consider how your current or post-separation financial situation relates to your unique family needs. The goal of the Collaborative Process is to create the best, most long-lasting agreement for your family. The Financial Specialist makes sure all financial information is shared and helps create an atmosphere of trust, bringing you to the best possible financial arrangement. 

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