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Dr. Ellie Bolgar

Child Professional
Divorce Coach

Psychotherapy/ Professor/ Mediator/ Divorce Coach

Contact Information:

BUSINESS NAME: Dr. Ellie Bolgar Counselling/Psychotherapy

ADDRESS:#306-8047-199th Street, Langley, BC V2Y 0E2

PHONE: 604-371-0198

FAX: 604-371-2281




Dr. Ellie Bolgar has over 20 years experience in the field of psychology. She is a therapist, professor, family mediator, and divorce coach. Her attachment focused approach is more than simple techniques, it is an understanding of the way people perceive their relationship during the most stressful times.

Dr. Bolgar is the owner of a successfule private practice where she has skilled counsellors working with her providing services to children, teens, families, couples.

Dr. Bolgar has a gentle, non-intrusive, forward-oriented approach to help children express emotions, gain confidence and awarness to communicate their inner expeiences. Her primary focus is on the best interest of the child.

Dr. Bolgar is qualified to provide s.211 report.

Having years of experience working with high conflict families and children, Dr. Bolgar belives that the process of uncoupling can result a positive, healing experience for all parties involved when it is conducted with appropriate professional assistance.

Dr. Ellie Bolgar
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