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Ellen Shapiro

Child Professional
Divorce Coach


Contact Information:

BUSINESS NAME: Collaborative Center

ADDRESS:1275 W 6th Ave Vancouver BC V6H 1A6
PHONE: 604-730-9998

FAX: 604-732-9640



Ellen Shapiro is an individual, child and family therapist who  has been working in the counselling field since 1988, when she received her MA in Counselling Psychology (Family Counselling, UBC).  She is also is certified in Conflict Resolution (The Justice Institute of BC), and has extensive background in child development from her previous career in Early Childhood Education.

Ellen has a long-time specialty in the field of family transitions. She offers mediation, separation and reconciliation counselling, consultations for parents regarding their children's needs, and post-separation co-parenting counselling. She provides support for children experiencing family transitions. She also works with blended families.

Ellen has a commitment to bringing children's voices and perspectives into family changes, and supports all family members to connect with their strengths and resources to create optimal life situations.

Ellen works in the collaborative approach as a Child Specialist and Divorce Coach, is a Parenting Co-ordinator, and a trainer in the area of family transitions.

Ellen's many other interests in her counselling practice a  fascination with the relationship between body, mind and emotions. She draws on body-focused psychotherapies to bring a holistic approach to her work.  She guides clients in looking at self-defeating patterns and beliefs, enhancing creativity, developing strategies to cope with stress and loss, and increasing overall well-being and aliveness.

Ellen also enjoys working with couples, family and relationship issues, including strengthening communication and conflict resolution skills. Ellen believes that challenges experienced in life can become springboards for self-discovery, transformation and wisdom. She works with warmth, humour and respect for her clients’ lives and stories.

Ellen Shapiro
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