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Leanne Harder

Child Professional
Divorce Coach


Contact Information:

BUSINESS NAME: Olive Branch Consulting

ADDRESS:Vancouver, BC
PHONE: 604-764-6433




Divorce is one of the top stressors that adults face and it is often combined with another top stressor, moving. While experiencing anger, fear, and/or loss, adults navigating separation must negotiate about some of the most important things in their lives; financial security; coparenting; and where they will live. This formula can lead to high conflict, and high cost scenarios, however there is another way.

The Collaborative Process provides you with a way to save time, money, and emotional energy compared to a high conflict court divorce. Using a Collaborative Divorce Lawyer and a Divorce Coach will result in you having the right professionals for each part of the transition you are in. As a Divorce Coach, I can assist you to negotiate effectively, find solutions and avoid harming your children. Divorce Coaching is helpful for both financial and parenting decisions. I will work closely with your Collaborative Divorce Lawyer to ensure the needs of your family are addressed going forward. As a Child Specialist, I ensure that children have a "voice not a choice" in the family transition. This allows children to know their views have been heard and still protect them from the adult conflict.

My experience working with families over the last 20+ years means that I can give you helpful information and options that will work for you and your kids.

I use various therapeutic approaches including strength-based, cognitive-behavioural, family systems, and anti-oppressive. I find adult attachment research informs much of the work I do.  I help parents to protect their children from the coparent conflict which is the best predictor of children's healthy emotional adjustment to their parents' separation.

I work throughout the Lower Mainland and Sea to Sky. I will come to you and/or we can do online sessions to minimize travel time.

I am a Registered Social Worker with an MSW and Certificate of Conflict Resolution (Mediation) from the Justice Institute of BC. My practice includes mediation, parenting coordination, and family assessment.

Let me know how I can assist you.

Leanne Harder
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