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Yuval Berger

Child Professional
Divorce Coach

Contact Information:

BUSINESS NAME: Hindsight Counselling

ADDRESS:224-1628 W 1 st Ave. Vancouver BC V6J 1G1 

PHONE: 604-779-8554




Over 25 years of clinical experience in relationship and family therapy, with particular expertise in conflict resolution.

In my early career, I worked in pediatrics as a play therapist supporting children affected by trauma they had experienced at home. Over the years, I have been exposed to many modalities of therapy, which I have incorporated into my practice. These include existential-humanistic therapy, Buddhist psychology, and attachment-based therapy, to name a few.  I have also expanded my practice to work with individual adults, couples and families.

As I incorporated my years of training and experience into my counselling, it was my natural instinct to pay close attention to how my clients experienced their relationships. In my view, the way we encounter and explain our connection with the 'other' is the gateway to understanding our deepest selves.

I've been intrigued by our potential to forge long-lasting relationships and the effects of secure relationships on our mental health fascinate me.  My therapy practice is equally based on sound and robust theory as it is focused on strong meaningful connections with my clients.

Yuval Berger
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