Kelly-Anne Breen

Divorce Coach
Child Professional

Contact Information:

BUSINESS NAME: Breen Counselling

ADDRESS: 2030 Marine Drive, North Vancouver BC V7M 2K1

PHONE: 604-961-0800




Child & Family Therapist, Parenting Coordinator, and Owner of Breen Counselling.

Specializes in assisting children, youth and families in high-risk and conflict situations.  Works with Collaborative Divorce cases as a Child Specialist and a Divorce Coach.  Has been working with children, youth and families for over 20 years, and has specialized training in working with high-risk behaviours.  Has extensive experience working with children and youth and is able to communicate their voices to parents, with a passion for ensuring the best interests of the child is always the primary focus.  As a Registered Clinical Counsellor, and Supervisor of an RCMP Youth Services program, Kelly-Anne has been involved in advocacy, training professionals and providing therapy to high-risk populations, and working with parents and families.  As Adjunct Faculty with City University, Kelly-Anne continues to work in professional education in regards to the counselling and therapeutic field.  Kelly-Anne has managed a team of therapists and restorative justice professionals, and has participated in ongoing training of RCMP, educational staff and mental health professionals throughout her career.

Kelly-Anne is both a child specialist and divorce coach who works with each client to ensure the interests of the child and the individuals involved are best met.

Kelly-Anne Breen