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Shelley Behr

Divorce Coach
Child Professional

Contact Information:

BUSINESS NAME: Richmond Counselling Centre

ADDRESS:6081 Suite 905 No. 3 Road Richmond, BC V6Y 2B2
102-1037 west broadway Vancouver BC V6H 1B3

PHONE: 604-273-3451

FAX: 604-273-3426




Shelley Behr is a collaborative divorce coach, child specialist and family counselor. She supports families in the process of separation and divorce with integrity, dignity and mutual respect. She assists in the resolution of disputes and address underlying conflicts with the aim to improve or repair relationships in the reconstructed family. Shelley utilizes the collaborative approach to help separating spouses improve communication, develop effective parenting plans, and understand the voice of their children. Shelley promotes conflict resolution skills which guide clients to communicate more effectively. She helps negotiate new relationships between spouses in order to continue a future connection for the children, friends and their community of support. 

As a child specialist, Shelley assists parents in understanding the impact of divorce on their children at all developmental ages, and guides parents to develop a customized parenting plan that accounts for the children’s thoughts and feelings. She is skilled as an art and play therapist and works with children of all ages in the process of divorce and separation. Shelley provides a platform for parents to discuss the early stages of separation and divorce including telling the children about the divorce, managing the stages of grief and loss, and providing ongoing support for the family as they move through the collaborative process. 

Shelley graduated from University of British Columbia Psychology in 1990 and obtained a Master of Social Work from Wurzweiler School of Social Work in New York in 1998. She has practiced in Richmond, B.C. as an individual, child, couple and family therapist for sixteen years and is the founder of the Richmond Counseling Centre. 

Shelley was the Co-Chair of Collaborative Divorce Vancouver from 2008-2010 and has been a divorce coach and child specialist since 2003. She is a charter member of the BC Collaborative Roster Society. 

Shelley’s varied experiences involve the development of an Employee Assistance Program with one of the major aviation industries, treating and counseling clients coping with a wide range of psychological issues including life crises, relationship issues, stress disorders, trauma and workplace conflict resolution. Her broad based experience with the issues that confront families and individuals give her a deep foundation for understanding and assisting clients experiencing separation and the stresses that this creates as they evolve into a new, restructured family. 

As a coach and child specialist within the Collaborative Divorce process, Shelley observes that not only does she have a role to play in guiding clients through the emotionally difficult terrain during separation; she adds a tremendous value to the potential follow up with families as they advance through life challenges. She observes that when life and circumstances evolve, as they always do, she can help children and parents adjust and adapt to these life changes. 

Professional Affiliations: 

•BC College of Social Workers (Registered Social Worker) 

•BC Association of Social Workers 

•Collaborative Divorce BC ( Board Member) 

•BC Collaborative Roster Society

Shelley Behr
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