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Andrea Swabuk-Moe


Contact Information:

BUSINESS NAME: Hamilton Fabbro

ADDRESS: 1400-1030 West Georgia Street, Vancouver BC V6E 2Y3
PHONE: 604-687-1133

FAX: 604-687-1125




Andrea is a certified collaborative family law lawyer who has practiced exclusively in the area of divorce and family law since 2010. Andrea began her legal career in Calgary, Alberta before moving back home to Vancouver in 2020. Andrea has extensive experience drafting prenuptial, cohabitation and marriage agreements as well as assisting clients negotiate a wide range of issues, including guardianship, parenting, child and spousal support and the division of family property. Andrea understands that family disputes are upsetting for all of the parties involved, which is why she prefers a non-adversarial approach when assisting her clients.

Andrea Swabuk-Moe
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