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Anna Silver


Contact Information:

BUSINESS NAME: Silver Selinger LLP

ADDRESS:1440 - 1188 W. Georgia St. Vancouver, BC V6E 4A2

PHONE: 604-282-4364




I am a trained Collaborative lawyer and my practice is dedicated to family law and assisting individuals during all stages of their relationship or breakdown. I was called to the Bar in 2008 and after practicing in a large national law firm, I joined Hamilton Fabbro in 2009, where I practiced exclusively in the area of family law, honing my collaborative skills, until August, 2020, when I co-founded my firm, Silver Selinger LLP. 

I work with clients to identify and advance their interests, manage expectations, and keep the costs, conflict, and emotional stress low. My experience includes negotiating and preparing marriage and cohabitation agreements, separation agreements, dealing with matters regarding children (adoptions, guardianship, parenting responsibiltiies/time, relocation), and representing my clients through the Collaborative process, in mediation, and the courtroom. 

As a Collaborative practitioner, my practice favours the use of out-of-court and innovative settlement procedures. As a dispute resolution professional who recognizes that every family is unique, I prefer the approaches that allow my clients to participate in the process and decision-making that ultimately impacts their and their children's lives so closely.

Anna Silver
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