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Catherine M. Brink


Contact Information:

BUSINESS NAME: Harbour Family Law Corp

ADDRESS: 1275 West 6th Avenue, Suite 300 Vancouver, BC V6H 1A6

PHONE: 604-259-2425




I am an experienced Collaborative practitioner and certified family law mediator. I help separating clients do so with knowledge and grace, and I help those starting new relationships create financial clarity through marriage and cohabitation agreements.

The approach I take to resolving conflicts is probably quite different from the stereotypical image you might have of a lawyer. I have found that using the Collaborative divorce process or mediation brings about the most satisfying solutions for clients. For the last decade I have focused my family practice solely on out-of-court settlement processes.

My goal is to help clients to find meaningful resolution and to bring out their best selves in often difficult situations. I believe that with the right process and support, the problems we face can become the building blocks for a profoundly rewarding life.

Catherine M. Brink
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