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Clara Richardson


Contact Information:

BUSINESS NAME: Hamilton Fabbro Lawyers

ADDRESS: 1400-1030 West Georgia Street, Vancouver BC V6E 2Y3

PHONE: 604-687-1133

FAX: 604-687-1125




Clara has been practicing family law exclusively for over ten years. She specializes in non-adversarial approaches to dispute resolution, and is available to assist clients with all aspects of family law, including cohabitation agreements, marriage agreements, separation agreements, parenting arrangements, spousal support, and division of family property and debt. 

In order to provide her clients with the most comprehensive understanding of their rights and responsibilities, Clara may call upon the expertise of other professionals, including real estate appraisers, business valuators, financial advisors, and mental health professionals such as parenting coaches, divorce coaches, and child specialists. 

Clara believes that divorce can, and should, be a respectful process, especially when children are involved. When couples commit to consensual dispute resolution, rather than working against each other, this can protect children from the long-term damage of divorce.

Clara Richardson
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