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Donna Yamazaki

Family Lawyer



ADDRESS: 300 – 1275 West 6th Avenue, Vancouver, BC  V6H 1A6

PHONE: 604-676-1470




Donna is a Vancouverite having been born and raised in this beautiful city. She attended UBC and Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan and obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree.  After working in Japan as a Coordinator for International Relations with the Japan Exchange and Teaching program and backpacking throughout Asia and Europe, she continued her studies at the University of Alberta and obtained her Bachelor of Laws degree in 2003.

Donna is a trained Collaborative family law lawyer who has practiced exclusively in all areas of family law since 2004.  She understands that every family situation is unique and is committed to assisting her clients through the separation and divorce process with compassion, empathy and skill.  Her clients regularly describe her as being very open, honest, and to the point. She provides clear information about the law and focuses on developing creative legal solutions both short-term and long-term. She knows what to fight for and what to compromise on, and as such, has extensive experience advocating on behalf of her clients when court intervention has been necessary to place issues before the court for decision.  She sees the value of resolving family matters outside of court and at this stage of her career has turned her focus on a non-adversarial approach to her practice.

Donna has firsthand experience on how the Collaborative process minimizes conflict, stress, and legal costs, and how the process empowers clients to be actively involved in making decisions for their future and in the best interests for their children.

Donna Yamazaki
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