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Jeff Naylor


Contact Information:

BUSINESS NAME: LeBlanc Law Corporation

ADDRESS: 1400-1125 Howe Street Vancouver BC V6Z 2K8

PHONE: 604-687-0909

FAX: 604-688-0933




Jeff Naylor is a lawyer, with over a decade of experience in both collaborative processes and court-based litigation.

He completed his law studies from Dalhousie University in 2007. He has been practicing law for over 13 years, primarily with his current employer, LeBlanc Law Corporation.  He has successfully litigated cases in all levels of British Columbia’s courts, and successfully represented clients in mediation.

In order to provide excellent services to family law and personal injury clients, he started an on-going Masters’ degree in Clinical Counselling in the spring of 2020.

He wants to help clients obtain their legal goals without destroying their financial and mental stability.

Jeff lives in Vancouver with his wife and children.  

When he isn’t litigating, you will likely find Jeff cycling, usually with one or both of his identical twins in tow.

Jeff Naylor
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