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Karen Redmond


Contact Information:

BUSINESS NAME: Karen F. Redmond

ADDRESS: 203-815 Main Street West Vancouver, BC V7T 2Z3

PHONE: 604 925-9260 ext 892

FAX: 604-925-9261




As a Collaborative family law lawyer and mediator, I take great pride in being a member of Collaborative Divorce Vancouver. We work together with our clients to facilitate settlement through what we know can be a challenging emotional and financial time. We recognize that every family situation is unique and requires care and attention to discover the best way to move towards a resolution. Separation and divorce are part of life and we know that families can emerge from this with a new structure, with parental relationships still intact, if the process of separation is carefully supported by professionals who are knowledgeable and who care about families. 

Please feel free to call me if you would like to know more about Collaborative Law. Karen: 604 925 9260. 

Redmond Law - Ethical, Efficient, Effective Family Law Services on the North Shore of Vancouver.

Karen Redmond
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