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Melanie Magnusson


Contact Information:

BUSINESS NAME: Magnusson Law

ADDRESS: 1480 Howe Street Vancouver, BC V6Z 0G5

PHONE: 604-362-4690

FAX: 604-398-8266




I am a family law lawyer who passionately believes that separation and divorce matters can be resolved outside of court and in a matter that eventually enables clients to move through the transition towards positive outcomes over time. 

Separation and divorce is a challenging and emotional experience, no matter how long your relationship has been and what the structure of your family is. As a lawyer, I have a duty to assist my clients to resolve their conflicts and come to a fair and just resolution of their family disputes. I believe that I can help clients move through their separation and divorce process in a way that helps to reduce conflict over time and enables them to restructure their relationships and/or families in ways that enable them to move forward in new, and over time, positive ways. 

Every client faces a new set of circumstances. I believe it is essential to consider the big picture. Relationships and family are significant aspects of our lives, thus the approach to resolving their breakdown should be comprehensive and recognize that the change touches all aspects of clients' lives. I do my best to work with clients to understand their fears and interests, and to assist them to consider options that address not only short-term fixes but also look forward to considering the potential long-term plans. To do this best, I often, though not always, encourage clients to work with other professionals that have expertise in other areas affecting the separation process, including but not limited to divorce and co-parenting coaches, financial planners, business valuators and child experts. 

I believe that advancing your family law matter to resolution using a collaborative and interest-based, out-of-court approach, allows you, with my assistance and guidance, to ultimately control your own destiny and arrive at an agreement that empowers you as you move through this important life transition.

Melanie Magnusson
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