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Are you the ideal candidate for Collaborative Divorce?

A Collaborative Divorce depends on both the parties involved. Therefore, even though you might have the best intentions, your divorce case may end up in court.

Are you the ideal candidate for Collaborative Divorce?

In case both of you are ready for collaboration or mediation, speak with prospective attorneys. Always ask as many questions as you need to. Ensure that they have no bias towards the hiring party or the opposition.

Why should I choose Collaborative Divorce?

Can lower your stress and legal costs by helping you move through conflict quickly
Makes sure everyone's needs and concerns are heard
Protects children from the harms of divorce and models healthy communication
Gives you control of the process and outcome
Maintains your privacy (your agreement is private, while court documents are public)
Helps you establish respectful relationships and a positive way forward
Works towards a win-win outcome that's best for everyone

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