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Can Collaborative Divorce save me money?

Yes, it can

Can Collaborative Divorce save me money?

The Collaborative Process is focused on settlement, with everyone working together towards the same goal, so it can be more efficient.
Collaborative Divorce eliminates the emotional and financial costs of the multiple court appearances and conflicts that are often part of a traditional divorce, as well as the time your lawyer is waiting in court for your matter to be heard. You also save the money that might be spent on multiple experts to prepare documents and exhibits for use in court or to conduct discoveries and issue subpoenas.

The emotional support of Divorce Coaches can help you move through conflict that otherwise might keep you stuck for months or even years.
The cost of a Collaborative Family Law case is directly related to how quickly you and your spouse are able to reach an agreement. Your Collaborative Family Lawyer is the best person to ask about fees for your specific case.

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